Growing in God is the Diocesan Vision for Growth

‘Growing in God’ encourages individuals and church communities across the diocese to become more engaged in God’s loving involvement in the world by highlighting four priorities.

Our Four Priorities

Across Beccles Parish we are engaging with this vision and seeking to grow in the above areas.

During 2019/20 we will focus on the following growth priorities -

In previous years we have focused on the following priorities -

At St Michael’s:

At St Luke’s:


Core Values and Text for 2017 (click to view)

Core Text for 2018  (click to view)

Core Text for 2019  (click to view)

Growing in Number:

Growing in Influence:

Growing Younger:

Growing Younger:

Growing in Depth:

Hosting a Welcome Tea for those new to church

Supporting Chaplaincies      

Continue to nurture Baptism families  

Start a Small Group for young adults  

Seasonal Quiet Days