A makeover for St Luke's - Feb 17

Celebration of Marriage - 09.07.17

Messy Family Fun

July/August 2017

 Advent Sunday 2017

Bishop Martin at Feast

 Rich’s Installation & Induction as Rector

 with Archdeacon Ian Morgan

28th January 2018

 Catherine Lee’s visit

October 2018

 Eco Church Bronze Award Winner 2018

St Michael’s and St Luke’s

 Christmas 2018

 Confirmation Service 13th January 2019

 Bishop Darlington from Kagera at St Michael’s on 17th February 2019

 Brunch with the Bishops - Bishops Martin & Mike stop off while on their 10 day, 90 mile pilgrimage through Suffolk

June 2019

Ordination of Revds Ben Edwards,

Claire Kiddy

and Phil Cudmore as Priests

Summer Messy Mornings 2019